Did you know that today there are 1.88 billion websites and that number is rising? Imagine that you want to create a website, or maybe you already have one.

How can your website keep up with these numbers? A successful website must be SEO optimized, have a variety of reliable backlinks, and must be pleasing to the eye.

But the most important part is the web hosting your website is on. A trustworthy hosting service will keep your website running smoothly as well as it won’t succumb to the higher pressure of an active bandwidth.

As the market is flooded with different hosting options, it is vital to choose the one that will suit your website and needs the best.

If you searched for one but had no luck or want to start a website and you are just exploring all options, worry not as we got you covered.

There is a trustworthy, fast, and low-cost hosting provider that you can use for your websites and that is AlexHost.

What Is AlexHost?

Located in Moldova, AlexHost is a web hosting service. The business was founded in 2008 and has already reached many significant milestones.

A group of specialists that are focused on results works tirelessly at AlexHost to give you the best service possible at a fair price.

To guarantee the best performance and flexibility, the company exclusively utilizes the most cutting-edge technology and has fully automated the hosting operations.

Web hosting, VPN, and SSL certificates are just a few of the services that AlexHost offers. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, Litespeed hosting, and colocation are all forms of hosting.

AlexHost has a data center of its own unlike other companies, which is highly secure and offers higher uptime and steadiness.

What Services AlexHost Provides?

AlexHost offers a variety of packages. Their plans come in shared, VPS, dedicated, Litespeed, and colocation hosting varieties. SSL and VPN services are also offered by AlexHost.

Why Choose AlexHost?

We will examine what makes AlexHost unique compared to other service providers in this area, along with the benefits of choosing it.


To guarantee that your site operates quickly and without interruptions, AlexHost has its own data center that is equipped with all the most recent technological advances.

Their data center is housed in a bomb shelter of a former military facility in Chisinau, Moldova. Now, try to picture that. It’s reasonably safe—perhaps the safest area you could wish for.

The data center has a cooling system, and fire detection sensors and is monitored by cameras around-the-clock.

It receives power from two separate substations. Personal ATS provides the ability to change between inputs. Personal SDMO diesel generators and UPSs are used to preserve power continuity. It has a 1.6 MW total feeder capacity.


Although AlexHost has many options to choose from, they still need more pricing plans. Their domain restoration is very costly (100 €) as well as offshore hosting.

Faceless speed is common for users who live far away from your site’s server. This also implies that the location and speed of your server are important considerations.

To Conclude

No matter how big or little the website, a reliable host is essential for its development. A good hosting company needs to be secure, quick, trustworthy, and reasonably priced. You can find all these criteria in  AlexHost.

Due to AlexHost’s own data center, your websites will be hosted without any interruptions. It offers offshore hosting so you can exercise your right to free speech even while you’re in a nation where it’s prohibited.

AlexHost provides the most economical dedicated servers as well as 24/7 customer service.