A person who is a professional writer but does not want to work as a full-time writer for a company or organization is a freelance writer. Freelancers provide writing services to several businesses and frequently work with various areas, typing on whatever subject a customer needs.

As more information is consumed and available on the internet, there is a rising market for freelance writers. Dozens of freelance writing opportunities are posted on employment sites daily.

Because of that, we would like to provide you with five tips on how to become a successful freelance writer.

So let’s get into it!

1. Be regular

Person writing a post

One of the essential things about freelance writers is that they respect agreed deadlines because many organizations and businesses pay close attention to the given dates for submitting and publishing their content. Because of this, writers who regularly write and submit their works on time will have a much better reputation.

You can help yourself with the organization by keeping a small calendar or submitting your texts a day or two earlier. In addition to making your job easier, you will have better organization.

2. Have you tried Grammarly?

Laptop using Grammarly

As a freelance writer, you should invest in Grammarly. Any small writing error can happen to anyone, and with the help of Grammarly, you can quickly correct such omissions. Look at it as another pair of eyes that fixes your grammar and spelling mistakes.

Such a simple addition to your work will significantly help you progress. It is easier when you see your errors, and you can correct them immediately than when you do not notice them. In addition, there is a possibility that you could be rejected by the article if there are a lot of mistakes that you could have avoided by inserting your article in Grammarly.

But keep in mind that Grammarly is not perfect and that some omissions can happen to him.

3. Be competitive

Man writing using laptop

Of course, most companies and organizations will be looking for someone who offers a service at an affordable price. It would not make sense for you to charge twice as much for your service, unlike other writers. See what prices are on the market and offer a similar or the same price.

In addition, it is ideal for you to compare yourself with other writers. You can learn a lot from your opponents and teammates without realizing it. In addition to teaching you something new, you can also learn a lot from your mistakes.

4. You must not plagiarize

This tip is one big no and red flag. This advice speaks for itself. It would be best if you did not plagiarize someone else’s work, but of course, this advice is worth mentioning. Many companies and organizations do not like such an approach to work and want to have authentic content on their websites.

Apart from the fact that you will not progress in this way, your reputation and professional career will be at risk. And we are sure you do not want that.

5. Determine your niche

Man choosing niche

Our last piece of advice is as important as the first one. In the beginning, every job or hobby will be difficult, but once you overcome some obstacles and get better acquainted with different topics, it will be much easier for you.

As a freelance writer, you will get acquainted with many interesting topics, which is great to have a colorful range of interests, but you also need to have some topics that you prefer to write about.

In addition to finishing such texts much faster, it will be easier for you to write such topics that interest you. Choose a genre or subject that interests you the most and do a little more research on it. You can choose from various topics, such as movies, technology, or marketing, and specialize in them.

But do not be afraid to experiment. While it is good to specialize in one field, it will be easier to find companies or organizations if you have more than one interest.


These are just some tips to help you achieve your goal of becoming a successful freelance writer. You will progress a little if you incorporate at least one of our tips into your daily work.

But if you decide to listen to all our advice, we guarantee that you will quickly climb the ladder of success. Don’t be afraid to take risks. It is worth it.