There’s a lot of talk about energy and gas prices these days, as prices continue to increase for consumers.

The commodities index experienced similar increases, with prices increasing by 59% in 2021. For commodities traders, this seems like a type of gold rush.

If there’s anything to learn about commodity trading, it’s that prices can fall as quickly as they increase. Commodity trading software is an essential tool to help traders manage risk and make smart trading decisions.

One of the top commodity trading software tools is RightAngle, by ION Commodities. Is it worth the investment?

Read on to learn the top four benefits of RightAngle and see if it’s the right tool for you.

1. Real-Time Data

Laptop with analytics

Do you think you can make successful trades if the data at your disposal is an hour or two old? Not in this market you can’t.

Real-time data is crucial because you can keep the latest trends and information in front of you. You’re able to track your trades, and positions, and get the live data and charts.

2. Software Integrations

Large-volume trading requires a lot of administrative work. You need to generate invoices, manage taxes, and price transactions accurately.

You could do all of this with manual labor. Hand-coding and manual data entry only lead to errors.

This commodity trading software tool lets you automate invoicing and taxes. You can generate invoices without manual labor, saving you time and resources.

RightAngle also integrates with Microsoft Excel. A spreadsheet lets you track your trades at the moment. The spreadsheet gets updated regularly so you know your information is accurate.

If you need terminal integrations, the software can handle that.

3. Community of Development and Support

People in office

As with any software undertaking, you want to make sure that you’ll get the support you need if something goes wrong. The company has customer service available 24/7.

RightAngle has a community of consultants and developers that help businesses get started with the software. These are independent companies, but you can rely on them to customize the software to meet your business needs.

4. Charting and Analysis Capabilities

Person using trading charts

The main advantage of RightAngle is that it’s a risk management tool. Every single trade comes with a level of risk.

Traders need to make informed decisions in order to reduce the level of risk with each and every trade. RightAngle allows you to visually track trades and trends. Visualizing data lets you make smarter decisions faster.

The Perfect Commodity Trading Software Solution

There are many reasons why traders think that RightAngle is the best commodity trading software on the market today. It’s a unified risk management platform that gives you all of the information you need in one place to follow your trades and minimize risk.

There’s plenty of support and integrations to back up the quality of the tool, too. You can’t go wrong with RightAngle.

Now that you know all about the benefits of RightAngle, visit the blog for more tips to help you run a stronger business.