Decoration Day, or local Civil War commemorations, is the origin of Memorial Day. Observances involved placing flowers, wreaths, and flags at the gravesites of both Union and Confederate soldiers as an act of commemoration.

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Memorial Day: What Is It?

The final Monday of May is Memorial Day, an American holiday honoring those who have served in the armed forces. Celebrations such as cookouts and parades are frequent. Memorial Day is primarily a time to reflect on and remember those who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces, even though it now unofficially heralds the start of summer festivities. Originally, the purpose of Memorial Day was to mourn those who had lost their lives.

The American Civil War, which claimed more lives than any other conflict in history, served as the inspiration for Memorial Day. By its conclusion, many communities had begun holding springtime tributes for fallen soldiers by decorating and praying at their grave sites, with Charleston, South Carolina, becoming home for one such commemoration in May 1865, when newly freed African Americans led one such ceremony.

General John Logan, commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, officially proclaimed Decoration Day (later Memorial Day) a national holiday in May 1868, at a time when America was still grieving the deaths of 620,000 men from both sides during four years of bloodshed. Newspapers then advocated expanding Decoration Day (later Memorial Day) to include all war deaths.

By the late 1950s, Americans had begun commemorating Memorial Day as a general day of remembrance for all those who had sacrificed their lives in support of freedom. They also introduced a variety of traditions, such as placing wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery and holding a moment of silence at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day itself.

President Richard Nixon changed Memorial Day to Veterans Day to better commemorate all members of the US Armed Forces who have made significant contributions and sacrifices while serving our country. While current and former military personnel are still active today to observe Veterans Day, Memorial Day continues to honor those who have died or suffered severe wounds.

Why Is It Important?

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How Can You Celebrate Memorial Day?

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Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and provides us with an opportunity to appreciate life’s many wonders while remembering its real purpose of honoring those who have sacrificed themselves for our nation. We can mark Memorial Day in various ways, some of which are particularly meaningful:

To honor our fallen soldiers and teach your children more about this important holiday, visit a cemetery with their families. Or atAttending a memorial service or parade in your town is also a great way to pay our respects and instill reverence and education into these events. ll an American flag outside your home to show your pride for our nation. Additionally, decorating graves with red, white, and blue flowers has long been a tradition; take part in this custom by visiting a graveyard with family to pay our soldiers their final respects and add their memories of service with flowers that honor their sacrifice for our freedoms.

Plan a picnic or backyard BBQ with friends and family to share delicious food, enjoy fun outdoor activities, and create lasting memories this Memorial Day. Make sure to decorate your yard with American flags, patriotic decorations, and tunes to create the ideal Memorial Day party atmosphere!

If you are a veteran, take the opportunity to volunteer your services this Memorial Day weekend and help those less fortunate than yourself. There are various organizations in need of volunteers in their communities, such as food banks, homeless shelters, and senior centers. Giving back honors our nation’s heroes and serves as a reminder that they are still remembered.

Encourage your children to compose handwritten letters for active military personnel and veterans, distributing them safely through A Million Thanks drop-off locations. Another easy way to show support for our troops is by clipping coupons from Sunday papers to send through the Overseas Coupon Program—making this small act easy for even young children to take part in!

How Can You Promote Memorial Day?


Memorial Day offers the ideal opportunity to promote products or services that help your customers enjoy nature. Promoting travel packages, outdoor gear, and self-care services may resonate with target audiences while driving sales on this important holiday weekend.

Flyers and banners can be an effective way to spread your message for Memorial Day promotions. You can place these marketing materials anywhere, from your website to social media channels. Choose eye-catching images that effectively communicate your message.

Use patriotic imagery and colors to make a striking visual impact; flags, stars, and classic American symbols should all help create this impression. However, don’t go overboard; your promotional material must remain true to Memorial Day.

Hosting a contest on social media is an effective marketing strategy. People love taking part in giveaways and contests on these networks, giving you an ideal opportunity to reach new audiences.

Consider running a photo contest that encourages your followers to share photos with you using a specific hashtag that shows their loved ones, pets, or themselves in patriotic attire; then select the best images and award prizes accordingly! Running an easy contest can significantly increase the reach of social media posts.

If your business provides special insights or expertise related to Memorial Day, share them with your audience via a blog post or FAQ page on your website. For instance, cleaning services could share tips for hosting summer celebrations, while healthcare firms could provide heart-healthy Memorial Day recipes.

As Memorial Day nears, consider undertaking altruistic projects that benefit your local community. Partnering with veterans’ organizations to host fundraisers or donation drives can be an excellent way to show support while simultaneously building brand recognition.