What if you could get started in the field of web design and make a full-time living while working from home?

A talented and creative person can make quite a bit of money working on their own. But to make money designing websites, you have to know how to start a web design business.

You also need to know how to run that business in a way that can secure you the number of clients needed to make a full-time living.

Read on to figure out how to start a web design business with no experience.

The Benefits of Starting a Web Design Business

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Starting your own web design company has tons of benefits. The first, of course, is that you’re your own boss. You can work when you want, from where you want, and with who you want, which is undeniably appealing.

It’s also a very easy company to get off the ground. You can hire a UI designer if you want to, and apart from that, all you need is a laptop and a good idea of how to run your company. In terms of startup costs, you won’t need much money at all to start trading as a business!

Web design is a fun field to work in. You can be creative and explore the world of design while helping other businesses thrive, which is a satisfying role. When you work with a variety of different companies, no two days are the same.

The Key Skills You Need to Start a Web Design Business

Aside from being able to answer what is web design? When someone asks you, there are a few key skills you need to start a thriving company. Don’t worry; none of these relies upon experience!

The first is an eye for design and a creative streak. There’s no getting around the fact that web development is heavily focused on aesthetics, and if you’re not sure how to match colors or use design to reflect a business idea, this might not be the industry for you.

You’ll also need plenty of drive to learn. If you’re coming into this with no experience, there’s a lot you’re going to need to discover! Passion, motivation, and determination are attributes that will help you succeed.

How to Start a Web Design Business With No Experience

These tips should give you a rough roadmap to take you from novice to professional. You’ll build confidence and start developing a plan to build your business, which is a much better idea than jumping straight into the deep end.

Learn the Basics

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Start by reading, watching, and listening to as much informative content and web development tips as you can. The more you know about web design before you start, the better.

To Code or Not to Code?

You don’t necessarily have to code to become a web designer. By using platforms that focus on the front-end, you can design beautiful sites without the 0s and 1s.

However, if you want to be a professional web developer like Hilton Websites, it is recommended you learn to code. This takes time but will earn you more clients and more money in the long run.

Choose Your Platforms and Tools

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Play around with different platforms before committing to one. You need to be sure it suits your design and work style. Many web design platforms, like WordPress and Wix, allow you to play around with their tools free of charge.

If you’re coding, you need to work out which languages you want to use. Again, start learning a few different languages to find out which you prefer.

Learn About SEO

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SEO (search engine optimization) is a key aspect of web design. Many businesses will ask you to optimize their website as you build it. Read up on SEO to make sure you’re prepared or take a course to gain experience, or consider collaborating with an international SEO company to ensure the highest standards of optimization.

Choose a Niche

You don’t have to have a niche, but it tends to help. By working in a specific industry, you gain more in-depth knowledge about the types of businesses you’re working with, becoming a specialist. In return, you can charge more for your services.

Build Your Website

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Your website isn’t just going to be how clients learn more about you but also their first impression of your work. Make sure your site shows off your design skills. Take the time to implement functional features and make it easy to navigate between pages, winning your audience over with your own sleek website.

The Best Resources For Starting a Web Design Business

Web design tips aren’t just about what you should do but also what you should use. There are tons of helpful resources out there. Take advantage of these as you build your business.

The first resource is other people’s websites. Take a look at web designers’ sites to find inspiration for your own. These should teach you more about what information you need to include on yours, too.

There are also plenty of networking resources. Networking groups like BNI can help you find your first clients. Sites like UpWork make it easier to put yourself forward for jobs.

Web Coding & Development For Dummies is a must-read. Gain knowledge and confidence in the field before beginning your web design empire!

Keep Learning and Grow Your Brand

When it comes to how to start a web design business with no experience, it is possible. You just need to take your time, stay focused, and stay motivated. Keep learning about the industry, and soon you’ll be ready to take on your first client!

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