Imagine a hypothetical situation in which you get stranded on a remote island. We live in a time where quite a lot of people have marketed themselves as “survival experts,” so most of the population has basic survival skills from watching TV or browsing the internet.

When stranded in a remote location, shelter, water, and food are the three most essential things.

But why? What is the importance of protection?

Real Estate Agencies – Significance

Hand giving key

It would help if you kept warm and dry to survive in a remote, desolate area or a heavily populated city. We have developed some basic instincts through our evolutionary timeline that keep us alive.

One of those is to have adequate living space. As we developed as beings, so has our method of creating a suitable living arrangement. We uplifted ourselves from holes in the ground and houses made of mud and rocks.

We made architectural wonders, buildings, literally thousands of feet high and as big of a leap, from mud and stones to rotating buildings and bunkers that can withstand a nuclear Armageddon.

The way we acquire our living environment is probably the more significant leap. We live in a time where buying multiple properties on multiple continents on the same day doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Why Is CRM Important for Real Estate Agencies?

Customer Relationship Management

Real estate agencies have been here for a while and assimilated into the culture. With so much free information and a higher level of demand for everything, not to forget that every day we have more residents on our planet, so naturally, owning land and living space becomes more of an “upper-class” phenomenon.

Real estate agencies have been doing a good job so far; otherwise, nobody would use them. That kind of work goes somewhat underappreciated. To keep a residence presentable at any point of the day, with multiple guests coming over at any time, is a stressful job.

Luckily, as every other business has become easier with the internet, so has real estate. Everything is faster, tidier, has a more comprehensive range of clientele, finding people to renovate and fix things is more accessible, etc.

But what if that isn’t enough. What if you own a real estate agency and need the fastest, the tidiest, the most exposed platform of them all.

Here are some of the best customer relationship management tools for real estate agencies. landing page

My personal favorite is A very tidy and easy-to-manage CRM gives you a ‘tree structure’ for you and your personnel. If you are on top of your firm, you get an easy way to keep yourself updated with the tasks your real estate agents are doing. If you are lower on the food pyramid, it’s even better.

Hence, it is an effortless way of getting your tasks handed to you, managing your clients’ appointments, and getting info on the maintenance people. If you set up correctly, you can have a very smooth system.


Pipedrive landing page

Most real estate agencies that use CRM systems go with Pipedrive. It’s simple to use and manages and oversees CRM. And you know what? Sometimes less is more.

Pipedrive gives you all you want rigorously and directly, with no hassle, no lost time. What sets Pipedrive apart from other CRM systems? The amount of data it lets you upload to your CRM. That is critical in real estate agencies, and you need space. Say a house has 12 rooms.

To get a valid representation of the house, you need at least four pictures from every room, the garden, the outside, the attic, etc. If you need a lot of space, Pipedrive gives it to you.


Now you better understand how beneficial CRM is for real estate agencies. Having everything in one place, organized, and presentable to your customers is a key to a successful business.

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