Several WordPress events plugins are available, ranging in capability from the most basic to the most sophisticated. A fully functional WordPress events plugin may include ticketing, resource and time allocation, participant management, and email follow-up after the event.

For websites that don’t need a complete event management platform, plugins like this could provide a variety of event management choices at a substantially lower cost. Fueled completely, of course, by a free WordPress plugin.



WPAmelia is all about optimizing bookings. From scheduling packages of services to managing resource bookings, it’s one of the most comprehensive solutions. The integration with popular calendars and virtual meeting platforms like Zoom can help you streamline every aspect of your business and booking process.

WPAmelia isn’t just another booking plugin; it’s your partner to make data-driven decisions. The reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights for optimizing business operations. You’ll get:

Besides these benefits, the Amelia booking plugin offers you an unparalleled suite of features, including:

Integrate with third-party applications by sending appointment and event data after each booking, cancellation, or rescheduling action.

Stay in constant communication with your customers and employees through SMS and email text messages, ensuring everyone is well-informed.

Seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar to create and edit events, streamlining your scheduling process.

Enable customers to schedule online virtual meetings and book online events effortlessly, complete with instant confirmation and access links in Google Meet notifications.

EventinEventin plugin page

Eventin offers customizable schedules, speakers, and event counts. This WordPress plugin may be used for free to schedule one-time or recurring events by online educators and event organizers.

You may also construct specialized event websites using drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Oxygen Builder.

Hosting events online is easy! You may start or synchronize Zoom meetings and webinars from your WordPress dashboard. You may include Zoom meetings on your event pages and email invitees using shortcodes or widgets. You can automate email campaigns and use Eventin to track attendance using tools like Zapier, Google Calendar, iCal, and WooCommerce.

Give attendees a scannable, segmented QR code so they may check their attendance and get a special ticket ID. You may help your guests get to the locations of your events by using Google Maps. You may keep track of each person’s attendance at each event using programs like Groundhog and FluentCRM.

Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar plugin page

Modern Events Calendar does what it claims to. Use this WordPress plugin as an event calendar on any website. It’s a top-notch product with both a free and premium version. “Modern Events Calendar Lite” is the name of the free version. It is a simple feature you may include on your website.

Users may post events, schedule them in various ways, make them recur, display them differently, and share them with other calendars. Additionally, the premium version offers you access to features like Google Maps directions, extra shortcode options, customized event booking forms, and interactive maps.

Events Manager

Events Manager plugin page

Although it is based on a calendar, the WordPress Events Manager plugin lets you take bookings for specific events. The free version of the plugin manages basic events well in terms of functionality. The premium version includes payment options, event emails, PayPal and Stripe payments, coupons, customizable booking forms, discounts, and more.

The plugin is simple to use, just as a desktop calendar would be. Complete the form and click “Post” to add a new event. Once they have been published, users may be managed, and registration can be enabled. Users can submit events as well. Events Manager is a useful WordPress plugin to have on hand if you have a lot of events to keep track of.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager plugin page

WP Event Manager is an excellent WordPress plugin for managing events. The main intent of this plugin is to provide a free and open-source calendar plugin. If you need extra functionality, there are also paid add-ons available. WP Event Manager differs from other event management plugins in a few keyways.

Events may be shown on your website using an integration theme. Furthermore, it provides an advanced Ajax search feature that some other plugins do not.

A user-submitted event form, a fully customizable style that matches any website, many view types, a straightforward event dashboard for busy calendars, and a plethora of other helpful features are all included in WP Event Manager.


Amelia plugin page

WP Event Manager follows a similar route, but Amelia veers off of it somewhat. It essentially functions as a booking plugin with calendar integration. One of the many benefits this WordPress events plugin provides is intelligent administration for eliminating duplicate reservations. Other features include booking, a calendar view for events, several views of event categories, and many more.

Amelia exudes refinement. The layout is simple and can easily be included in any website design. You merely need to install the program on your website and place event widgets anywhere you want them to be to utilize and manage it.

Amelia is a top-notch WordPress events plugin in terms of value. Support for custom fields, recurring appointment scheduling, SMS notifications, Woo-Commerce integration, and calendar synchronization with third-party services are a few of the most helpful features.

All-In-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar plugin page

The All-in-One Event Calendar by is a stunning calendar plugin for WordPress. We aimed to create a simple plugin out of the box that didn’t need much human involvement. This plugin has succeeded in achieving these goals. The layout is simple and basic. It simplifies creating, managing, and importing calendars and planning and creating events.

The revolutionary hosted edition of All-in-One Event Calendar connects to your website over the cloud, while the free version works with WordPress. It’s a new tactic that seems to work.


The ecosystem of plugins is one of WordPress’ best features. They provide almost limitless opportunities for growing your audience and incorporating new features. Both of these things are possible with WordPress event plugins. There is no easier way to include events into your routine.

There isn’t a better way to promote them, share them, or provide others with the tools they need to do the same.