It is no secret that all website visitors and owners appreciate knowing that the page they are on is safe and secure. Sometimes the green padlock next to the URL is just enough to confirm that website’s security.

This article will introduce you to the six best SSL checkers for 2022, so you are always on point with the information regarding the site’s security, SSL certificate, potential errors, and other details.

Not only all the tools we bring in front of you are free, but we are also happy to tell you that none of them requires prior technical skills.


Site24x7 landing page

Established in 2006., Site24x7 worked its way up against the competition, and today it stands out as one of the most flexible and trustworthy cloud monitoring solutions.

It is widely used to monitor mobile and web apps but also comes with many other valuable tools, including the SSL checker. Many businesses, as well as governments, recognized the power of this tool in terms of keeping their web secure.


TrackSSL landing page

Sometimes you get carried away with some other tasks and forget about the SSL certificates expiration date. That is quite the case with those running multiple websites. TrackSSL will monitor the SSL certificates on the sites you manage to minimize the risk of the site being down.

If an expiration date is approaching, this tool will ensure you get notified on time and react as soon as possible. Not only that, you will have the correct information on your current certificate to know about any changes being applied.

SSL Labs

SSL Labs landing page

SSL Labs is there to give you all the assistance you might need with SSL or TLS. Powered by Qualys, this one stands for a vibrant resource center for anyone investing efforts into cloud security and compliance. You will get a test of the current certificate and configuration, a test of SSL implementation, and an evaluation of performance.

Comodo SSL Checker

Comodo SSL Checker landing page

Comodo SSL Checker is also worth attention when it comes down to SSL. Its SSL checker tool lets you quickly verify the status of the SSL certificate. All there is to do is to type out the website and retrieve information. You will know if the SSL certificate is not installed correctly on your web server.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub SSL Checker landing page

If you are a fan of the Influencer Marketing Hub, you have likely met its SSL checker tool. It works straightforwardly – the goal is to tell you whether your website possesses an SSL or not. It is pretty user-friendly, and the SSL checker will guide you through the process if the SSL is not set correctly.

SSL Shopper

SSL Shopper landing page

If you prefer quick and high-quality information over aesthetics, then SSL Shopper will be a good choice. It is often used to double-check that certificates are correctly installed and configured on the server. The expiration information is also at reach, so if you don’t mind the old-school look of the interface, try this one and see the results yourself.


To conclude, this article is not about the power and capacity of SSL checkers. Still, it provides a list of trusted, credible, and widely used tools for handling SSL tasks, including installation and configuration. Therefore, look at the above-listed six best SSL checkers for 2022.

Keep in mind that all of them are pretty user-friendly and don’t require many technical skills. Whether you are a website owner or just a visitor, you will appreciate the green padlock, remember?