Nowadays, most people have some form of social media activity on different platforms. More and more brands are getting successful, and it is getting harder to compete.

To make your brand recognizable and successful online, you need to make an effort to get the attention of the right people at the right time. The better the brand is positioned on social media, the more visitors and followers it will have, thus creating great opportunities to sell a product or service.

The brand must grow continuously, but also you must avoid negative trends. After making a profile positioning ourselves and standing out from the competition, we must keep continuity.

Below we give you tips to grow your brand on social media and improve your business performance.

Follow the social media channels that are related to your niche

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If you have your brand, it means that you have already determined what your niche is and what you want to do. You can hardly be on multiple sides simultaneously, and you will hardly succeed if you have not defined what exactly you are doing. One of the proven recipes for brand success and growth on social media is researching social media channels.

Follow social media channels related to your niche on other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. There you will find an audience that interests you and potentially your followers. Feel free to check out the competition profiles and see how they maintain a profile and communicate with followers. Similarly, you can make positive results.

Keep your social media profiles up to date

If you have social brand profiles on multiple social networks, make sure all the information is updated. That way, you give your followers reason to trust you and gain positive opinions about your brand. If you ever try to hack Instagram accounts of top influencers you will find that their profile is all updated to attract the audience.

Many brand owners research what type of social networks they have, will have the best chance of success. Based on that, they leave the profile only on that social network and delete other profiles. One profile is much easier to maintain. Keep an eye on the materials you share through your profiles. Interacting with followers is also one of the key segments for success.

Use post sharing applications

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Imagine you have decided to have profiles on several different social networks. For easier maintenance, you can use applications that are intended for that. Some applications allow you to simultaneously share content from one control panel to several social networks. One such tool is Buffer.

In addition to sharing a lot of information simultaneously, these applications also allow you to schedule content. You can do other daily activities, and the app will share content at a pre-defined time.

Find your contacts

If you have been using some of the profiles on social networks for several years, you certainly have many contacts. Why not import them and create a precious database? All major social networks have an option that allows you to import contacts from your phone, email service, or any other source. You may be positively surprised to see how many connections you have.

After importing contacts, you can quickly turn them into your followers or potential customers.

Find the ideal time to post

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Depending on what you are doing or your niche, it is not the same every day when publishing articles or news. It all depends on when your followers are most active. You can post some articles and materials at a specific time of day or night. You will probably need some of the analytics tools for this task.

Suppose you have your portal or blog. In that case, you can use Google Analytics to track when you have the highest traffic and then schedule the post publishing during that period.

If you don’t have your site, you can use one of the many online tools to track social media profiles. The critical thing you need to know is the activity time of your followers. Many followers pay a lot of attention to the answers to inquiries.

After you have received a question or comment, try to answer as soon as possible. Moreover, pay attention to how you communicate with your followers—the more interaction, the better results you will have.

Research competition and influencers

As we mentioned earlier, we dare to follow the competition profiles and explore how they manage their brand and social profiles. You can copy some of the ideas to achieve the desired goals.

Influencers have a vast number of followers. Track their profiles, habits, and ways of interacting and posting. This way, you will know ​​what you can do better and improve your strategy. One of the best networks to learn about positioning profiles on social networks is LinkedIn. There are a lot of business profiles that publish news daily and have a lot of interactions with followers.

Take a social media and marketing course

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Managing social media profiles is not an easy task. Like any other job, specific courses will help you research to understand your audience better, create a strategy, and make a development plan.

These courses will help you learn a lot about all social networks and platforms, find out their advantages and disadvantages and use them in creating your brand profile. There are many social media and marketing courses on the Internet, and many of them are pretty cheap. You can buy the course for only a few dollars.


As we have already mentioned, it is not enough to have a brand profile on social media. You need to create a strategy and work hard to make your brand better positioned and get as many followers as possible.

Simply put, effort must be invested everywhere, both when renovating your home and when doing business and expecting positive and hoped-for results.

This article brought you techniques used by many well-known brands to set themselves on social media better. If you like some of these tips, give them a try, they may help you achieve your goals.